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Genprompt-Bingo Card

SPN - Blood
I've decided to participate in [community profile] genprompt_bingo and see what I can come up with.

Pain Christmas Co-workers Imprisonment Smoke and Fog
Implacable Year of the Horse Sports Centaur Ritual Marks and Body Decorations
Pack Abduction and Kidnapping Wild CardReligious and other festivals Genius
Poetry The Hermit Taxes That Moment (incident/chapter/episode) examined/rewritten Happy Endings
Women Being Awesome Humiliation Justice Abandonment Supernatural Elements


Final Fantasy XII Art: Awesome Women

DW - Romana and Leela
Title: Awesome Women
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Characters: Ashe, Fran, Penelo
Medium: Art
Style: Sketchy
Note: For the prompt Women Being Awesome on my  [community profile] genprompt_bingo card.

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Sanctuary fic: Time and Distance

Sanctuary - All Is Right
Title: Time and Distance
Fandom: Sanctuary
Rating: G
Characters: Helen Magnus
Summary: Helen waits her way back to the present through a past that doesn't change.
Word count: 187
Warning: none
Note: For my genprompt-bingo card. Prompt: The Hermit. (Also knows as, hell yeah, I managed to write something short!)

On AO3

due South fic: else the cold creeps in

due South - Now kiss!
Title: else the cold creeps in
Fandom: due South
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Benton Fraser, Ray Vecchio, Ray Kowalski
Summary: Fraser and Kowalski don't stay in Canada. They return to Chicago and work cases with Ray Vecchio. But things still don't work out between the three of them and Fraser doesn't understand why.
Word count: 4,589
Warning: mentions of murder, domestic violence and child abuse
Note: For my genprompt-bingo card. Prompt: Co-workers.

On AO3

Fanart: Lucifer (SPN)

SPN - Blood
Pitcure of Lucifer, based on his appearance in my story And this Great Blue World of Ours.
Drawn for the prompt Smoke and Fog on my genprompt-bingo.

Preview: Preview

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Star Trek TOS, Episode 18: Arena

ST - TribbleKirk
CAPTAIN’S LOG: Stardate: Whatever. An outpost let us know that they are being destroyed. When we got there we got our asses blown up because they are being destroyed. Made sure to have at least one redshirt on landing party to draw fire, but still jumped through explosion because it makes me look manly. Spock had forgotten how to dialogue and Uhura is practicing her rehearsal for that horror movie they are filming in engineering. My disappearance made Sulu gravitate towards my chair. I am suspicious, but must fight a guy in a bad dinosaur suit who is throwing rocks at me. At some point, the future took a wrong turn and is now moving in the opposite direction, except the dinosaur has a microphone and Spock is still not helpful. I appear to have gained super not-dying powers. It is possible that ultimately I might lose my shirt.

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2013 Writing Meme

General 2
As found on seascribe's journal. Also doing it wrong, i.e. too late.
2013 was a good year for memes like this because I posted little and therefore won't need long to list it all.

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due South fic: Burn this Town to the Ground

due South - Now kiss!
Title: Burn this Town to the Ground
Fandom: due South
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Benton Fraser/Ray Vecchio, Diefenbaker
Summary: Post COTW: Ray Vecchio never left Chicago and Fraser returned from Canada when he realized that after Vegas his friend might need his help. And Ray does need his help, but that doesn't mean he's willing to accept it. But then, he's never been able to deny Fraser anything for long. And Fraser has never stepped back from a challenge, but Ray is more badly damaged than he anticipated and there may not be enough time for them to fix everything. Or anything at all.
Warnings: mentions of torture and non-con, mental issues, implied suicidal thoughts
Word count: 62,568
Note: Witten for the 2013 due South Seekrit Santa, for Nizah.

Link: On AO3

Rec-A-Weekend | Week 52 B

due South - Now kiss!
Title: Shadow of the Bookman
Fandom: due South
Characters/Pairings: Ray Vecchio, Vecchio Family, Armando Langoustini, OCs, Benton Fraser, others
Summary: The FBI have approached Ray to go undercover with the mob, and Ray has said 'no.' But it turns out that there is a skeleton in the Vecchio family closet. What is the secret which Ray can't allow to be revealed, and how do the FBI use it to turn him into the Bookman? [Summary of Part 1]
Wordcount: 219,136
Why it's awesome: A four-part epic about Ray Vecchio's time in Vegas, starting just before the phone call at the beginning of season 3 and ending years after the show. It's brilliantly written, with a great use of characters mostly unexplored by canon, a fantastic set of original characters, and a very clever plot, and it may, in fact, be just about the best fanfic I have ever read, in any fandom. Which doesn't mean that it wasn't hard to read every now and again. A lot of the time, actually. (It also made me want to punch some people in the face.)
The story finds good explanations for a lot of things that plain make no sense in the original canon and offers one of the best Ray Vecchio's to be found anywhere, ever. It runs parallel to season three (or three and four, depending on where you are) and I'm not going to say that I wish we had gotten this as canon instead because then canon would have killed me, but I wouldn't have minded if canon had been a little bit like it, either.


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