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Translations of my stories

Growing collection of translations made of my stories by awesome people.

This list is not complete. There are some links I know exist that I can't find right now. If you happen to know a translation that's missing from this list, please let me know!

A big Thank You to fagocytus / littledoctor, who went through the trouble of finding most of the Russian stories!
I probable wouldn't ever have gotten around to getting this list nearly as complete as this without them.

Language: ChineseCollapse )

Language: RussianCollapse )

DW Fic: The Absence

Rating: PG
Prompt: #071 - Broken
Claim: The Time War
Table: Here
Spoilers: None
Characters: Amy, Rory, River, the Doctor (11)
Summary: Something is wrong with the Doctor in the wake of his latest heroic act, and Amy and Rory have no idea what to do. Fortunately, River does.
Words: 4,600

On AO3

DW Fic: Counting Down

Rating: PG
Prompt: # 031 - Death
Claim: The Time War
Table: Here
Spoilers: The Waters of Mars
Characters: The Doctor (10), the TARDIS
Summary: The universe is full of places the Doctor has never seen, and he is running out of time.
Words: ca. 2200

On AO3

DW Fic: White Noise

Rating: PG
Prompt: # 019 - White
Claim: The Time War
Table: Here
Spoilers: None
Characters: The Doctor (9), Jack Harkness, Rose Tyler
Summary: Jack doesn't quite believe that Time Lords are anything other than a myth.
Words: ca. 4300

“What happened there?” Jack asked the Doctor later, when Rose has retired for the night and they were alone in the console room, and the planet was still visible on the screen, and the grin was gone from the Doctor's face.Collapse )

DW Fic: All These Evils I Have Fought

Rating: G
Prompt: # 089 - Work
Claim: The Time War
Table: Here
Spoilers: Serial 140: The Two Doctors
Characters: The Doctor (2), Jamie McCrimmon
Summary: The TARDIS lands on a planet that wasn't her destination, which is nothing unusual. Nothing bad happens to the Doctor and Jamie there, which is. In fact, nothing happens at all, expect that everything is slightly strange, and the sky is very dark.
Words: ca. 6300

If Jamie notices how nervous he feels, he doesn't show it. Which means that he doesn't notice.Collapse )
Rating: G
Prompt: # 088 - Control
Claim: The Time War
Table: Here
Spoilers: Series 10, Episode 6: Extremis
Characters: Clara Oswald, the Doctor (12), Ashildr/Lady Me
Summary: Lady Me is looking for information. Clara isn't looking for anything in particular, but she does find the Doctor, sitting on the roof of a university building, playing guitar.
Words: ca. 3700

Somewhere in this country, in this time, is a grave marked with Clara Oswald's name, containing Clara Oswald's body.Collapse )

DW Fic: The Long, Long Shadow

Rating: G
Prompt: # 091 - Chase
Claim: The Time War
Table: Here
Spoilers: The Chase (Classic series, season 2)
Characters: First Doctor, the TARDIS, Vicki, Steven Taylor
Summary: Ian and Bararara are gone, the Dalek are defeated, and Steven made it into the TARDIS just in time. But there is still a problem of more Daleks to take care of, and the method of getting rid of them is not something the Doctor is keen on trying.
Word Count: ca. 4000

He was beginning to understand that he did not want to see the universe on his own.Collapse )

Title: Out of the Rubble
Author: Fauks / fennec-faux
There are rumors of what is done to the children with horns. They are tied to stones and thrown into the water; they are strapped to pyres and burned on the edges of cliffs for the gods, exiled to a boat on the sea, or simply buried alive and left to choke on soil and worms. Only two things are know for certain about their fates: on their 12th birthday, they are collected by soldiers whose helmets are adorned with the same horned appendages of their victims and none are ever heard from again.

In which Yuuri Katsuki is a child whose horns have refused to fall off, whose 12th birthday has arrived, and whose life now rests in the hands of armed strangers.
Rating: PG
Characters: Yuuri & Viktor (No actual pairing due to their age.), Yakov
Note: While schedules and data accidents caused plenty of delayes, working on this project with Fauks, who is lovely, was still a delight, and I am glad I got to illustrate such a well written and fascinating story.

Illustrations under the cutCollapse )


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