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Five Times Uther Knew: Five times Uther knew about Merlin's magic and decided to ignore it.
Uther Pendragon, Gaius, Merlin, Arthur Pendragon; PG

Made of Wood, And Evidently Stupid: Later, Merlin would blame the fact that he had lived all his life in a society that would murder him for using magic for his lack of practice in the practical use of magic.
Merlin, Arthur Pendragon; PG

Their Time: About a year after Uther's untimely demise, Merlin comes to his King's chambers to point out the difference between paperwork and sleep.
Merlin/Arthur; PG-13

Through the Ashes: It's been fortold that Arthur will return at a time when he is needed most. What Merlin needs most, right now, is for Arthur to remember who he is, and not to kill Merlin when he does. (5 chapters, unfinished)
Merlin/Arthur; PG

Legacy of Kain

The Consequences of Lousy Research: Kain is young, bored, and undead. Random people have to suffer for his entertainment.
Kain, OCs; PG

At Dawn: Raziel is human and young, and Moebius, for once, is randomly telling the truth.
Raziel, Moebius; G

Predators: Raziel gets a first look at the spectral realm after being temporarily killed in battle.
Raziel, PG

Motivations, Reliability Thereof: Kain's thoughts on the loyalty of his lieutenants and its montivation.
Kain; PG

What Can Be Relied On: Kain knows where the road will lead him.
Kain, Raziel; PG

All Their Former Beauty: All Ariel can do is watch, and she doesn't like what she sees.
Ariel, Kain; G


Walk on Water: Captain America is back from the dead and all should be well. Too bad the world didn't stop and wait for Steve's return and no one ever gave him a chance to get used to the latest changes in the team dynamics. And it would really help if things between him and Tony weren't quite as raw - and if both of them weren't so spectacularly bad at talking to each other.
Also, there is a threat to the existance of mankind. But no one but Tony actually cares about that. (616)
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Caron Danvers, Janet Van Dyne, Edwin Jarvis, Pepper Potts, others; PG-13

Undo: In an attempt to steal information from Tony Stark's brain, the villains of the week accidentally unlock the memories Tony lost after deleting his mind. Now he remembers everything, but it's all fresh and raw and without logical order. Worst of all, he remembers Steve dying, but has no recollection of him coming back. As a result, seeing Steve just makes everything worse, and the memories Tony has of their recent relationship make no sense and drive him crazy.
Consequently, Steve gets banned from seeing Tony until he gets better and it's Rhodey who gets to be there for his friend while Tony struggles not to fall apart. Steve, meanwhile, gets to deal with the media, who have just now learned of Captain America and Iron Man's romantic involvement. It is not something he excels at.
And then things get worse. (616)
Steve/Tony, Rhodey/Tony; PG-13; Warnings: mentions of torture, self harm, temporary character death

You Gave Me: Two weeks after Steve and the others make it to Wakanda, Tony talks to the press.
Or: How sometimes actions have conequences. (Movieverse)
Steve, Natasha, Tony; PG-13

Momentary Replacement: Steve Rogers from Earth-616 meets Natasha Stark from Erath-3490 in a world that is neither his nor hers. Together, they share (soft) drinks, a (slow) dance, and a few uncomfortable truths, while waiting for the multiverse to drop them back home. (616, 3490)
Steve Rogers, Natasha Stark; PG

Star Trek
(All stories are set in the TOS universe unless otherwise noted.)

Halfway to Anywhere:
[Set a year after the show, established relationship.] Not every day in space is filled with action and adventure. Kirk is bored and horny, McCoy is too busy to be sympathetic and Spock is okay with everything as long as his reputation doesn’t suffer.
James Kirk/Spock/Leonard McCoy; R

Back When They Were Strangers: A chance meeting between Montgomery Scott and Leonard McCoy, years before they served together on the Enterprise.
Montgomery Scott, Leonard McCoy; G

The Couch: There is a couch in Kirk's quarters and he likes it a lot, even though he never uses it.
James Kirk/Leonard McCoy; G

From Below: Kirk loves Spock, but Spock is with McCoy, and that's okay, really. Until Kirk is drugged on a mission and suddenly it isn't.
One sided James Kirk/Spock, Spock/Leonard McCoy, James Kirk/Leonard McCoy; NC-17; Warnings: violence, non-con

In Warmth: Sometimes, McCoy has trouble sleeping. Spock found this state to be contagious. Fortunately, work leaves them little time to be tired.
Spock/Leonard McCoy; PG

...Who Did Not Pick the Flowers by the Roadside: After returning from the mirror universe, McCoy is facing the consequences of the meld forced on him by the other Spock, and Kirk is failing to be helpful. (5 chapters, finished)
James Kirk/Leonard McCoy, Spock, M'Benga; NC-17

Briefly after the presumed death of Admiral Kirk, Sulu and Chekov spend their leave together. They also act like they're married. Because they are.
Pavel Chekov/Hikaru Sulu; PG-13

Let Go: Spock's doesn't approve of Sybok's actions.

Spock, Sybok, Leonard McCoy; G

Worst Idea of the Century: Kirk makes a bet with Spock. McCoy is not amused.
James Kirk/Spock/Leonard McCoy; R

The Appropriateness of Candles: McCoy is suffering from a serious case of First Date Nerves.
Leonard McCoy/Spock; G

Moral Obligation: There is a cat. Naturally, Spock has to save it. Even if various people are of the opinion that it doesn't actually need saving.
Spock, McCoy, Kirk; G

To Sleep Alone: Post The Undiscovered Country. Ambassador Spock is back from a diplomatic mission, but he's not going to stay long.
Spock/Leonard McCoy; PG-13

Moment in Between: The morning after the big party to celebrate the end of the five years mission.
Spock, Leonard McCoy; G

Falling Through Space: When Spock suddenly goes into pon farr again, there is no chance to reach Vulcan in time.
Spock/Leonard McCoy; R

The Light Lingers: Spock finally comes home.
Spock/Leonard McCoy; G

Winterworld: A fight between Spock and McCoy on a mission and its potentially fatal consequences.
Spock/Leonard McCoy, James Kirk, PG

Need: It's porn. Spock and McCoy are alone on some planet when something triggers Spock's pon farr. There are some minor issues to be discussed, but mainly it's just porn.
Spock/Leonard McCoy; NC-17

Quite Unexpected (Even in Space): It's Chekov's birthday, but no one seems to remember.
Pavel Chekov/Hikaru Sulu; PG-13

Blue Under a Colourless Sky: Once upon a time, someone was saved and someone wasn't.
Spock/McCoy, Kirk; PG-13; Warning: Death (discussed)

Away Mission: First McCoy gets injured during an away mission led by Scotty, and then just about everything goes wrong.
Montgomery Scott/Leonard McCoy; PG-13

Past and Future: During a mission concerning a potentially hostile alien race, a transporter malfunction delivers the wrong McCoy to the Enterprise. If it actually is McCoy. Kirk and Spock are not convinced, but they are determined to find out. (Set in the AOS universe.)
Spock/Leoanrd McCoy (TOS), James Kirk/Leonard McCoy (AOS), Spock (AOS); PG-13

Getting There: McCoy isn't sleeping well, and that's bothering M'Benga for more than one reason.
Geoffrey M'Benga/Leoanrd McCoy; PG 


Ghosts in Attics: Ghosts in Attics I (3 chapters), Ghosts in Attics II (6 chapters), Ghosts in Attics III (7 chapters, unfinished):
Mirror!Spock discovers a way to cross between universes, and it means a lot of trouble, especially for McCoy.

James Kirk, Spock, Montgomery Scott, Mirror!Scott, Mirror!Spock/Leonard McCoy, Mirror!Kirk/Leonard McCoy; NC-17; Warnings: Mental and physical rape, torture, violence.


I Wait Now for Only the Wind: AU for 5.04 - Sam never said Yes to Lucifer. Adam, however, did. And Sam's humanity is lost anyway. As is everyone else's. (Season 5)
Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Lucifer; PG-13; Warnings: death, insanity

Fine: Dean sees all the ways in which his brother has changed. (Season 6)
Dean Whichester, Sam Winchester; G

The Distance Between One and the Same: Bobby's not home, so it's up to Castiel to take care of a recovering Sam. Dean's not helping. (Season 5)
Dean, Sam, Castiel; PG

Pick a Hemisphere:
They separated, and Sam's problems are not Dean's problems anymore. (Season 5)
Dean, Sam; PG-13; Warning: rape (implied)

Drawing Outlines (of Us, with Chalk on the Asphalt): Dean's inability to trust his brother becomes life-threatening when Sam is injured fighting demons. (Season 5)
Dean, Sam, Bobby; PG-13

The Princess and the Other Princess: It's another case based on fairytales for the Winchester brothers. There is a message in there - or maybe someone just likes to piss them off. (Season 4)
Dean, Sam; PG-13; Warning: incest (pre-slash)

Along the Way: During a stop in California, the brothers run into some guys with connections to Sam Sam doesn't want to think about and Dean can't ignore. (Season 3)
Sam, Dean, OCs; PG-13; Warning: rape (mentioned)

Hold On: For once, Castiel visits the Winchesters without pressing need. (Season 6)
Castiel, Dean, Sam; PG

One Breath: Three people stand by as Sam dies. One of them is himself. (Season 6)
Sam, Dean, a reaper; G; Warning: death

Family Games: There are only so many ways for Michael to entertain himself in the cage. (Season 6)
Michael/Sam(/Lucifer); NC-17; Warnings: graphic torture, mutilation, rape

Foreign Languages: When Sam's soul returned from hell, so did his visions of death and destruction. Dean really wishes they hadn't. (Season 6)
Sam, Dean, Bobby, Castiel; PG-13; Warnings: insanity, self-harm, allusions to past torture, abuse and attempted suicide

Getting Lower Ever Since: While Castiel took Dean for a trip to the past, other angels took Sam for a somewhat different purpose. Dean is not amused. (Season 4)
Dean, Sam, Castiel, Uriel; PG-13; Warning: torture

...And All of It Insane: Hiding an injury from someone who knows you better than they know themselves isn't an easy thing to do, especially if that someone basically lives in your pocket. Sam still maneged to do it - and the reasons for that turn out to be a lot worse than Dean ever imagined. (Season 6)
Dean, Sam, Bobby; PG-13

thirty minutes: There are still hunters out there who don't like Sam very much. (Season 6)
Sam, Dean; NC-17; Warnings: torture, rape (non-graphic), death

Hitori Kakurenbo: In the beginning, there is a possessed doll and an angry spirit. Then the doll gets destroyed, the spirit banished, and Sam and Dean move on. But it seems something is following them - or so Sam believes. Yet he knows just as well as Dean that that is absolutely impossible, so maybe Sam is just going crazy and all the weird noises he hears are simply the sounds of the wall in his mind falling to pieces. (Season 6)
Dean/Sam; R; Warnings: violence, death of OCs, incest (non-explict), insanity

Turn Your Back: Castiel is a God now, and as such he has to go through with his threats. (Post season 6)
Castiel, Dean, Sam; PG

Look Back in Anger: When John Winchester is possessed by the yellow-eyed demon and asks his son to kill him, Sam does so and disappears, leaving his injured brother behind in a hospital. As a result of the demon's early death deals are never made and a lot of bad things never happen - but Dean doesn't know that. All he knows is that Sam killed his father and abandoned him.
Looking for answers, Dean chases his brother all through the United States while Sam solves cases he couldn't possibly know about and always remains one step ahead. When Dean finally catches up with him, the answers he gets are not the ones he expected and it looks like no matter what he does, he's only going to lose Sam in the end. (Canon AU)
Dean, Sam, Castiel; PG

Awesome: Sam's unconscious and locked in his head with Lucifer. Dean is too far away and can't exactly walk. Metallica happens. (Season 7)
Dean, Sam, Bobby; PG-13; Warning: mention of torture

Everything but Grace and Secrets:
When Dean drinks, he isn't Sam's brother any more. (Season 7)
Dean, Sam; R; Warnings: domestic abuse, violence, rape, possession (?)

The World:  Missouri didn't expect to see them again. And for all her psychic powers, she could not have foreseen how much they changed. (Season 7)
Dean, Sam, Missouri; PG-13; Warnings: self-harm, insanity

Second: Samuel Campbell will stop at nothing to get his daughter back. (Season 6)
Sam, Samuel, Dean (implied Lucifer/Sam) ; R; Warnings: ritualistic torture, Hell, implied rape, implied murder

Smoke Drifting By: When fireman Dean Smith rescues Sam Jones from his burning apartment, he can't begin to imagine what kind of impact the strangely vulnerable young man will have on his life. Not an AU. (Season 7)
Dean/Sam, Bobby, OCs; NC-17; Warnings: permanent injury, mental illness, self-harm, unintentional incest, allusions to rape

Here We Still Remain: With Lucifer tormenting his dreams, Sam fears sleep so much he sees only one way to get any rest at all. It's not pretty, but it does the job, and Sam is nothing if not pragmatic. Dean doesn't need to know, but then, he doesn't seem to care anyway. As Sam slowly crumbles under the weight of exhaustion, guilt, and his brother's mistrust, it's Castiel who unexpectedly reaches out to him - but the solution the angel offers might well be worse than the problem. (Season 5)
Castiel/Sam, Dean; R; Warnings: non-permanent suicide and other deaths, awkward and non-romantic sex, violence, self-harm

(invisible): Castiel comes back, but not quite. Dean has a hard time with the whole forgiveness business because looking at his brother just frigging hurts now. (Season7)
Castiel, Dean, Sam; PG-13; Warning: self-harm

run: He has to find Dean. (Season 7 ?)
Sam; PG-13

Landunter: One moment, Dean and Sam are fighting angels in Florida, the next they are trying not to drown on some freezing cold island somewhere very far away. Very, very far away. And possibly very long ago as well. (Season 6)
Dean, Sam; PG

Passengers: When Bobby is called to Japan to help with a hunt, he brings Sam along as the necessary third man - though admittedly, he would have prefered Dean. During an involuntary roadtrip through half the country, he has a lot of time to analyse why that is. (Season 6)
Bobby, Sam; PG

Far Too Close: It was probably a little naive to assume that a little sleep would be all Sam needed to reset to pre-Hell status. (Season 7)
Dean, Sam; PG

The Ball Is Round (So that the Game Can Change Direction): Growing up as hunters in a tight family unit, there are many things Dean Winchester never expected his little brother to do. Becoming an international soccer star is one of them.
Also, it would have been nice if anyone had ever bothered to tell him. (pre-series, canon AU)
Dean, Sam; PG

Casualties: All choices have consequences. (Season 9)
Gadreel, Sam; PG-13

Pandora: Gadreel thought he had a chance, in the beginning. (Season 9)
Gadreel; PG

Ground Floor: Sam found a way that may restore his brother. Maybe he just found death. Either way, there is an end waiting at the finish line of this ritual. (Season 9)
Sam; PG

Because We're All Dead In here: After her death, Sarah Blake finds herself drifting. She's not alone in that. (Season 10)
Sarah Blake, Sam, Kevin; R: Warnings: mentions of torture and murder


Necessary Evil 'Verse:
Sam, Dean, Castiel; NC-17; Warnings: rape, gangbang (Season 4)
A Necessary Evil (or How the Angels Stopped the Apocalypse After All): They say this will get the evil out of Sam once and for all, and that it hurts only means it's working. Sam will understand, when he can.
Bright Afternoon Sunlight: It's just one of those days, only worse. (Or, the one where Dean is overprotective and doesn't like Castiel very much.)
Which Follows Wherever You Go: Castiel learns that trust, once lost, is very hard to regain. Especially if you betrayed the trust of Dean Winchester and hurt his little brother.

Great Blue World:

Dean, Castiel, Sam, Michael, Lucifer; NC-17; Warnings: torture, rape, substance abuse (AU after 5.18) (28 chapters, finished)
And this Great Blue World of Ours: A man wakes up in a ruined wasteland, without memories, without a name, without knowing the strage guy who claims he used to be an angel, or that he once had a little brother. All he knows is that the world is dying, everone is lying to him and that somewhere, somehow, something went terribly wrong. Because someone said Yes when they should have said No, and someone else paid the price.
Timestamp I: Michael: Michael hates Sam Winchester. His actions, however, are in no way influenced by that emotion.
All the Streets Are Empty (and the Cars on Fire):
AU after 5.18: When they go to confront Michael, Sam takes Dean along to give him the chance not to say yes - but Dean does. Now Michael is unleashed on the world, leaving a trail of destruction as he waits for his brother to take his destined vessel and face him in their final fight.
Castiel wakes up without his grace in a world waiting for obliteration. Through the collapsing civilization he makes his way to Bobby's salvage yard where Sam still refuses to give in to Lucifer, no matter how much it hurts. Now it's up to them to save Dean and save the world from Dean's mistake - but the road is much, much longer than any of them anticipates, and every little victory comes with a price.

(Boy) Kings:
Sam, Dean, Jimmy Novak, Castiel, Andy; NC-17; Warnings: incest, torture, mention of non-con, evil!Cas (Post season 6)
In the Darkness (With You): In the beginning, Dean kills his insane brother, then himself, in an act that forever closes Heaven’s gates for him. And for a while, all is fine as they are clinging to the world of the living and each other, trying the ghost thing and haunting Sioux Falls. But death is no cure for insanity and a damaged soul has only one way it can go. Fortunately, death is no cure for love either, and separation will never be an option.
Above and Below: The Winchesters aren't the only ones occasionally suffering from bad luck. There's a human, for example, who was taken from his family, died, refused eternal peace in order to play meat-suit for an angel, and then had to watch his angel turn himself into a slightly psychopathic god. To make matters worse, the poor human is assigned the task of taking care of a guest in Heaven who came straight from Hell: Sam Winchester, the boy king, taken hostage and threatened in order to make his equally demonic brother follow the new god's orders. And the new god is anything but patient, or merciful.
But neither, the human discovers, are Sam and Dean - especially when it comes to their respective brother being harmed.

Tokyo Babylon/X-1999

Eve Of: The evening before moving to Tokyo with her brother, Hokuto has some creative work to finish.
Hokuto Sumeragi, Subaru Sumeragi; PG

Static Noise: Subaru is determined to get on with his life, and Seishiro doesn't share. (Or: The one were Subaru is nineteen and Seishiro is not creepy at all.)
Subaru Sumeragi/OMC, Seishiro Sakurazuka/Subaru Sumeragi; PG

Turn the Key: Hokuto and Seishiro and a random conversation over fast food.
Hokuto Sumeragi, Seishiro Sakurazuka; G

Stains: When both Hokuto and Seishiro fail to protect Subaru, it turns out that sometimes they are not so different after all.
Seishiro Sakurazuka, Hokuto Sumeragi, Subaru Sumeragi; PG-13; Warning: Violence

Human Connection: Subaru doesn't even have a tv.
Subaru Sumeragi/Seishiro Sakurazuka, Hokuto Sumeragi; G

Echos, Shadows: Hokuto, inside the tree, is no longer alone.
Hokuto Sumeragi, Seishiro Sakurazuka; PG

Final Destination: It's always been meant to end this way.
Seishiro Sakurazuka, Subaru Sumeragi; PG

Assassin's Creed

Seventeen Months Gone: Shaun objects to horses on the beach, and possibly to people going happy as well.
Shaun, Rebecca; G

The Cosmos Cares Nothing For Us: From Assassin to Templar: Lucy Stillman and the dynamics of betrayal.
Lucy, Desmond: PG


Tax Computation:
Colon and Nobby accidentially discover Cheery's collection of slash fanfiction.
Fred Colon, Nobby Nobbs, (Cheery Littlebottom/Angua); G

Final Fantasy

Refusal of Drowning
: There are victims in every war. Those that die, and those that are forgotten. (FFVIII)
Irvine Kinneas/Seifer Almasy; PG-13

Days: Post LR: Everyone has their own ways of coping with the new world, and the old. Nothing is perfect, but for Serah things are, at the very least, pretty okay most of the time. When she and Snow suddenly become parents, it doesn't happen the way they wanted it to happen, but then, nothing in their life ever worked as planned, and the new turn of events might, in the end, still be the best thing to ever happen to some of them. (FFXIII)
Serah, Snow, everyone; PG


Five times Jayne was nice to Simon for reasons he didn't even understand himself: What the title says.
Jayne Cobb/Simon Tam; PG-13


Claire doesn't want the old Charlie around anymore, but she can't get used to the new one when she stumbles over him at the beach. Locke and Sawyer do not improve the situation.
Claire, Charlie, Locke, Sawyer; PG

Princes: Jack had lost count of the hours he spend sitting here.
Sayid/Charlie, hints at Jack/Charlie; PG


Time and Distance: Helen waits her way back to the present through a past that doesn't change.
Helen; G


Across These Days Like Deserts: In 1997, the world ends right on schedule. In 2029, the war is won.
In between those events are 32 years, and both the fear and the hope that the future is not written in stone.
John Connor, Kate Brewster, Kyle Reese; NC-17; Warning: death, torture, slavery, rape, suicide


The Shadow: There is opportunity, but there are moving shadows, too. Everything that was before might have been a dream but everything that is now is wrong and something is always missing. (old games and new)

Karras; PG

True Detective

With a Gun and a Pack of Sandwhiches and Nothing: In December 2012, a job takes Marty and Rust to Florida, where Marty tries to deal with their past and Rust doesn't.
Marty, Rust; PG-13; Warnings: mentions of murder and underage rape

Yuri!!! on ICE

: In the wake of an injury, Victor decides he's had enough. And it's okay.
Victor, Yûri; G

Haunted Places: Georgi Popovich spend all of his skating career in the shadow of Victor Nikiforov. Sometimes he wishes it was possible to actually resent the guy for it.
Georgi, Victor; G

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