schildkroete (vail_kagami) wrote,

Translations of my stories

Growing collection of translations made of my stories by awesome people.

This list is not complete. There are some links I know exist that I can't find right now. If you happen to know a translation that's missing from this list, please let me know!

A big Thank You to fagocytus / littledoctor, who went through the trouble of finding most of the Russian stories!
I probable wouldn't ever have gotten around to getting this list nearly as complete as this without them.

Language: Chinese

Doctor Who

Translator: Qang

Andromeda Burns
The Spoils of War

True Detective

Translator: Virgil

With a Gun and a Pack of Sandwiches and Nothing

Language: Russian

Doctor Who

Translator: littledoctor

And The Snow
Parting Gift
Road to Nowhere

Translator: Madwit

Two Times Five Things

Translator: Mediva

And Tastes Like Starshine
Beloved Something or Other
Five Times the Master Wanted to Let the Doctor Go During the Year That Never Was

Translator: morvandelle

Ten Hours

Translator: Regis/andell

Andromeda Burns
The Size of Things

Translator: rrr_nightingale

A Sky Rotting Like Leaves
Every Path Leads Back to Nowhere.
Inside the Candle Flame
Out of Reach


Translator: rrr_nightingale

Made of Wood, and Evidently Stupid


Translator: LaCalaveraCatrina

Hitori Kakurenbo

Translator: lida997

I Wait Now for Only the Wind

Translator: littledoctor

A Necessary Evil (or How the Angels Stopped the Apocalyse After All)
Everything but Grace and Secrets
Family Games
Smoke Drifting By

Translator: Moonlight in Vodka

I Wait Now for Only the Wind

Marvel Comics

Translator: MouseGemini

Walk on Water
Tags: collection, medium: story, translations
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