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Yuri on ICE!! RBB: Out of the Rubble - Artpost

Title: Out of the Rubble
Author: Fauks / fennec-faux
There are rumors of what is done to the children with horns. They are tied to stones and thrown into the water; they are strapped to pyres and burned on the edges of cliffs for the gods, exiled to a boat on the sea, or simply buried alive and left to choke on soil and worms. Only two things are know for certain about their fates: on their 12th birthday, they are collected by soldiers whose helmets are adorned with the same horned appendages of their victims and none are ever heard from again.

In which Yuuri Katsuki is a child whose horns have refused to fall off, whose 12th birthday has arrived, and whose life now rests in the hands of armed strangers.
Rating: PG
Characters: Yuuri & Viktor (No actual pairing due to their age.), Yakov
Note: While schedules and data accidents caused plenty of delayes, working on this project with Fauks, who is lovely, was still a delight, and I am glad I got to illustrate such a well written and fascinating story.

Original images:

The idea was an AU based on the video game ICO. When I drew this, I did not know if the author who would choose it was familliar with the game, and decided not to give Yuuri horns, to leave more freedom in the interpretations. In the story, he does have them.

This one was not included in the original post, but I drew it along with the other two, so no horns. The moment depicted is not depicted in the story.

Additions based on the story:

These are kind of crappy. I regret that, because the story would deserve a better repersentation. Also, due to the fact that the later chapters were not available when I still had time to work on the illustrations, these are all from the early chapters of the story. I do plan on creating another one now that the corresponding scene is available to me, which I will add later.

EDIT (26 July 2017):

The thing about this illustration is that I have not yet gotten a chance to read the corresponding scene. I know from Fauks that Viktor's position should be the same as Yorda's in the game so I tried to copy that, but I don't know how the actual encounter is going to look like, so Yuuri's reaction is just based on my imagination and not on the actual story.
Tags: fandom: yuri!!! on ice, medium: art

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