schildkroete (vail_kagami) wrote,

DW Fic: And the Sheperd's Boy Says

Rating: PG-13
Prompt: #008 - Weeks
Claim: The Time War
Table: Here
Spoilers: Episodes 9x11, second half of season 10
Characters: The Doctor (12), Missy, Bill, Nardole
Summary: Something goes wrong, which is nothing new, and the Doctor wakes up chained to a wall, which is also nothing new. Except he feels like he might have woken up in these exact chains attached to this exact wall, having this exact conversation with his interrogator several times before.
And there are monsters lurking behind that realization.
Words: 22,500

On AO3
Tags: #008, doctor who era: twelfth doctor, fandom: doctor who, medium: story, table: time war
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