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Doctor Who/Torchwood Fanfic Masterpost

Fanfic Masterlist.

Doctor Who/Torchwood
Sorted by era (where possible)

First to Leave: Neither of them will change their mind.
Koschei/Theta; PG

Going to Sink: When a school trip doesn't offer much distraction Theta finds other ways to entertain himself.
Koschei, Theta; G

Errors, Mistakes: Theta really needs to learn when to shut up.
Koschei/Theta, OC/Theta; PG-15; Warning: Mentioned rape of a minor

Encounters in Between: The First Doctor and the Master discuss the up- and downsides of regeneration.
Master/First Doctor; G

States of Aggregation: The TARDIS is much, much bigger on the inside.
First Doctor, others (?); G

Out of Reach: Jamie tries to remember.
Jamie McCrimmon, (hinted Jamie/Second Doctor); G

Beach Time: Sometimes, it's enough for Jamie to just lie in the sun and do nothing. It's a talent the Doctor doesn't have.
Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon; G

A Sky Rotting Like Leaves: The Doctor's third life is nearing it's end.
Thrid Doctor; G

Two Pieces of Wire: They dicuss genocide beneath a yellow sun.
Fourth Doctor, Romana II; PG
Days to Come: After meeting his older self in Time Crash the Doctor has some time to wonder and worry.
Fifth Doctor; PG

The Famous Last Second: The Doctor worries about twists in the timeline while he once again has to save a companion from a gruesome fate.
Sixth Doctor, Mel Bush;G

T: While searching a library for a certain book Frobisher finds something neither of them was looking for.
Sixth Doctor, Frobisher; G

Better Than Before: Sometimes doing the right thing is as easy as it should be.
Seventh Doctor; PG

Endgame: One last meeting before the end.
Romana/Eighth Doctor; PG

Road To Nowhere: The Doctor and his companion (who definitley is NOT an OC, though he might seem like one at first) at the dawn of the time war.
Master (in disguise)/EighthDoctor; R

On the Running Away: At the end of the Time War there is one last decision to be made.
Romana; G

Four Words: The day started so well. For Fitz, at least.
Fitz Kreiner/Eighth Doctor; G

Mostly Harmless: The Doctor and Fitz are talking to trees. The trees are talking back.
Fitz Kreiner, Eighth Doctor; PG

Never: Fitz waits, because he has to.
Fitz Kreiner; PG
From the Sidelines: Fitz spent too many years fearing this moment.
Fitz Kreiner/Eighth Doctor; G

Here and Now: The war is nearing its end and someone on Gallifrey still has a chance to run.
Andred/Leela; G

Already Crumbling: Romana and the Time Lords and the reason why the Master's drums were never mentioned before Utopia.
Romana, the High Council; G

Off this Burning Planet: On Gallifrey the last battle of the Time War is fought and the Master has other plans than throwing his life away for nothing.
Jacobi!Master, Eighth Doctor; PG

A Match Made in... Whatever: Bad navigation and an overly optimistic Time Lord lead to Fitz walking down the aisle on a casino planet with a stupid name.
Fitz Kreiner/Eigth Doctor; PG

Dancers: They understand each other. Like no one else ever did, ever will, ever could.
TARDIS/Compassion (TARDIS/Doctor); G

And the Mill Wheel Slowes Down: This hand is meaning to hurt you, but it doesn’t.
Father Kreiner/Eighth Doctor; PG

In this Moment, Alive: Today they're still alive.
Romana/Leela; PG-13

Sail On, Sailor, Sail On: Karl knows that when the Doctor and his friends leave, they leave for good.
Karl Sadeghi/Eighth Doctor; G

Beloved Something or Other: The Doctor and the Master share a bed, and really, who cares if there is a war going on somewhere?
Jacobi!Master/EighthDoctor; PG-13

Frontline: It's time for the Master to leave the sinking ship.
Jacobi!Master, Eighth Doctor; PG

...Or Will Be Again: Fitz and the end of the time war.
Fitz Kreiner, Eigth Doctor, Ninth Doctor; PG-13

Because it Could: At the End of his ninth life the Doctor has to decide.
Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler; G

To the Clouds: He is holding her when the end comes.
Ninth Doctor, Romana; PG

Aliens: Gallifrey is gone.
Ninth Doctor, G

Ground Zero: A crash leaves the Doctor stranded on an alien planet and the fact that it's slowly killing him is the least of his problems.
Tenth Doctor, TARDIS, others; R; Warning: Possibly disturbing themes

Cold: He doesn’t feel the cold like he used to, anymore, not since.
Jack Harkness; G

Melody: Rose had never had a liking for poetry.
Rose Tyler; G

Hourglass: LotTL AU. The Master doesn't die. The Doctor 'keeps' him. Trapped in the TARDIS together they have nowhere to run, and the Doctor slowly goes mad. The Master already is.
Simm!Master/Tenth Doctor, Jack Harkness; NC-17; Warnings: Dark. Violence and non-con

And the Snow: The Master erases the Doctor's memories and sends him down to Earth to see what happens.
Simm!Master/Tenth Doctor, Tenth Doctor/Various, Jack Harkness; R; Warnings: shady consent, drug use, prostitution

Ghosts: For some people things don't always happen in the right order. Jack finds himself confronted with the painful side of time travel.
Jack Harkness/ Tenth Doctor; R; Warnings: shady consent, mentioned character death

Entwine: You’re cheating on the girl who should be your girlfriend with the man she wants to cheat on you with and you can not tell if that’s poetic justice or simple irony.
Mickey Smith/Tenth Doctor; PG

Sightseeing: The Master missed the end of the war but he likes to watch it on tape.
Simm!Master/Tenth Doctor; NC-17; Warning: Non-con

A Day of Love and Peace: Christmas on the Valiant has the Master broadcasting his own private party to the world.
Simm!Master/Tenth Doctor; NC-17; Warning: Non-con, violence

Zum Abschied: Once, when he's feeling down, Fitz has a conversation with a stranger who can't help him.
Fitz Kreiner, Tenth Doctor, (Jack Harkness); G

No Promises: In which Jack is a big boy and the Doctor is mean.
Jack Harkness, Tenth Doctor; G

Ruined Cities Just, and Spaces
: Before the Doctor and his friends show up the Master takes some time to think and wonder.
Simm!Master, the TARDIS; PG

Echoes: "It's just a story."
Tenth Doctor/John Smith; G

Glory: Set on the Valiant. The Master invades the Doctor's mind and finds more than he was looking for.
Simm!Master, Tenth Doctor; G

Your World from Afar
: In 1969 Martha and the Doctor spend some time living together in a flat.
onesided Martha Jones/Tenth Doctor; PG

What Little Light: Jack and the Doctor contract a lethal disease when reacting to the distress signal of a space ship.
Jack Harkness/Tenth Doctor; PG-13

To Linger: Post LotTL. It's the Doctor's birthday and the Master makes him a present. Special guest appearance by the last dodo.
Simm!Master/Tenth Doctor, (TARDIS/Doctor); PG-13

For Better or for Worse: When the Doctor shows up at Jack's wedding marrying Ianto turns out to be a much bigger step than Jack thought it would be.
Jack Harkness/Tenth Doctor, Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones; G

5:00 A.M.: Jack wants to cuddle.
Jack Harkness/Tenth Doctor; G

Tap the Rhythm: The Master's drums have always been with him - or haven't they? Close to the end of the year that never was he begins to wonder.
Simm!Master/Tenth Doctor, Jack Harkness; R; Warning: violence, mention of torture and rape

One of these Mornings: Four short glimpses into Torchwood, focusing on Toshiko.
Torchwood, traces of Owen Harper/Toshiko Sato; G

Hands of the Clock: It's the year 3507 and Jack is getting too old to remain the person he once was. But he's still too human to let historic disaster happen when he has the power to prevent it. The Doctor isn't.
Jack Harkness/Tenth Doctor; NC-17; Warning: non-con

Rather Shamelessly: Another of those days Owen never thought would come.
Jack Harkness/Owen Harper, Jack Harkness/Doctor, (Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones mentioned); R

Gravity: The cosmos is a better place if you can share it with someone.
Jenny/Astrid Peth; G

Nowhere but Down: Jack thinks he can save what is left.
Jack Harkness/John Smith; R

Set in Stone: There is a legend on a distant planet, telling of a brave hero that once saved the world from a terrible demon.
Jack Harkness/Tenth Doctor; NC-17

Away: The Master's attempt to help the ill Doctor is not appreciated.
Master/Tenth Doctor; PG-13

Paradoxes of Existence: The TARDIS would do anything for her Doctor - weather he likes it or not.
Jack Harkness/TARDIS/Tenth Doctor; R; Warnings: shady consent

Darkness is Coming!: Donna has something important to say to Jack. Jack has a plan and a problem and Rose had no luck.
Donna Noble, Jack Harkness, Tenth Doctor, Ianto Jones; PG; Warnings: crack, character bashing, OOC, repeated character death

Eavesdropping: Donna hears something she just knows can't be what it sounds like. Still, never hurts to make sure.
Donna Noble, Jack Harkness/Tenth Doctor; PG

The Setting Sun:There had been a reason for the Doctor to disable Jack's vortex manipulator.
Jack Harkness/Tenth Doctor; PG

Another Cup of Tea: Jack doesn't want Ianto to fall in love.
Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, onesided Jack Harkness/Doctor, Ianto Jones/ Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones/Tenth Doctor, Universe/Doctor; G

Child of the Cold: Gwen is pregnant, and this time it's not an alien egg.
Gwen Williams/Toshiko Sato, Gwen Williams/Rhys Williams; PG-13; Warnings: I don't want to say incest... but it definitely deserves some kind of warning.

Inside the Candle Flame: “You’re not him.”
Rose Tyler/ Doctor 10.5; PG

To Wander, Between the Stars: Jack never made that con in 1941. Instead his broken vortex manipulator strands him in the twenty-first century, where he finally meets the Doctor - who's been a prisoner of Torchwood for a long time.
Jack Harkness/ Tenth Doctor, Jack Harkness/John Hart, John Hart/Tenth Doctor; R; Warnings: Violence, mentioned rape

Ford T: The Master and the Doctor have random sex in the backseat of an old car.
Delgado!Master/Tenth Doctor; R

Grate: The Master isn't gone as long as the TARDIS is still working.
Simm!Master Hologram/Tenth Doctor; R

Over the Edge: John Hart knows how to make money out of other people's misery. (Unfinished)
John Hart/Tenth Doctor, John Hart/Jack Harkness; NC-17 (overall); Warnings: dark, non-con

Wet, But Drying: Thrown back in time without the TARDIS, the Doctor and Jack have no choice but to kill time with domestic life until they can go back to saving the Universe.
Jack Harkness/Tenth Doctor; PG

Smoke: He doesn't know who he was or where he came from, nor does he really want to find out.
Jack Harkness/Tenth Doctor, Master/Tenth Doctor; R; Warnings: Graphic violence

Loose Sand: Torchwood is facing a problem and Jack doesn't want to call the Doctor for help.
Tenth Doctor, Jack Harknes, Martha Jones, Sarah Jane Smith; G

In Passing: They got their date, in the end.
Owen Harper/Toshiko Sato; G

A Different Kind of Hunger: Between consuming his parter and trying to eat Tish, Professor Lazarus has another urge to take care of.
Richard Lazarus/Tenth Doctor; NC-17; Warning: non-con

Lifelines: Jack and the Master have a deal.
Jack Harkness/Tenth Doctor (Simm!Master/Tenth Doctor); NC-17; Warning: Shady consent, mention of torture

Multitude of Rooms: Being a soldier, Jack has not choice but to fight for his planet and his people. The Doctor, however, isn't human and Earth is not his home.
Jack Harkness/Tenth Doctor; PG

Weather Forecast: It's cold, it's damp and they are locked in a cell. When the Doctor shows signs of falling ill, the day can't possibly get any better, can it?
Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble; PG

Like Walking Through a Labyrinth: Jack and the Doctor have sex, and all is well.
Jack Harkness/Tenth Doctor; NC-17; Warning: PWP

Like a Cheap Human Novel: When Martha is gone, and Donna has left for bed, and the TARDIS is quiet again, the Doctor spares a moment to sit down and imagine how things might have turned out if his daughter had lived.
Tenth Doctor; G

Gift Horse: Ideas can't die, but they can be forgotten.
Jenny, Celestis; G

Cracks in the Savety Glass: There is a planet where December is in August, there's always snow on Christmas and the dead ancestors are coming for dinner. Unfortunately they outstay their welcome.
Jack Harkness/Tenth Doctor; PG-13

In Total Darkness: There is only touch in the darkness.
Jackson Lake/Tenth Doctor; R

A Secret Flat In Cardiff: When Jack told her about he dangerous alien locked up in a special prison, this was not what Gwen had expected.
Jack Harkness/Tenth Doctor, Gwen Cooper/Rhys Williams; PG-13

Imprints in the Snow: Years after the Cybermen came to London, the Doctor comes back for a visit.
Jackson Lake, Tenth Doctor; G

A Quarter of Your Kingdom: Jack and the Doctor have saved the world. Again. Now it is up to Owen to save them, on threat of imaginary death. Such is the life of a doctor at Torchwood.
Jack Harkness/Tenth Doctor, Owen Harper; PG-13

Ornithology for Beginners: This is, in all honesty, a story about birds.
Jack Harkness, Tenth Doctor; PG

Five times the Master wanted to let the Doctor go during the Year That Never Was: Exactly what the title says.
Simm!Master/Tenth Doctor; PG

One Way Mirror: Their relationship is an abusive one, but it's hard to tell who's abusing who.
Tenth Doctor/Ten.5; PG-13

Five Things Owen Regrets: What the title says.
Owen Harper; PG

The Sky isn't Burning (Anymore): Sometimes Donna knows where she isn't.
Donna Noble; G

Cassandra, Lost in Fornax: She sees them in the passing crowd.
Jack Harkness, Tenth Doctor, OFC; G

Lunch Break: Tosh and Suzie won't be joining the team for lunch today. Drabble.
Suzie Costello/Toshiko Sato; PG-13

Versus Time: The Doctor being a brave hero with no sense of self-preservation leads to Jack having to save the universe all on his own. Or so it seems. (3 chapters, finished)
Jack Harkness/Tenth Doctor, OMCs; PG-13

Parting Gift: Jack knows better than to trust the Doctor's unexpected offer.
Jack Harkness/Tenth Doctor; R

A Bar on Edo II: Actions speak louder than words.
John Hart/Simm!Master; PG-13

All Fun and Games: When the Doctor is hurt during a visit at Torchwood, Jack and his team have to figure out what happened on their own.
Jack Harkness/Tenth Doctor, Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones; PG-13; Warning: character death

No Questions: Tosh's first trip in the TARDIS.
Tenth Doctor, Toshiko Sato; G

Men on the Moon: Sometimes, even the Doctor feels helpless.
Tenth Doctor, Jack Harkness; G

Water Running Down: What she wanted, she thought as she turned away from the window, was a lover who remembered that they had met before Donna’s car had broken down in front of Sarah’s house three months ago.
Donna Noble, Sarah Jane Smith; G

One Days's Kingdom: They live their lives in somebody else's dream.
John Smith/Joan Redfern; G

Between: After being reunited with the Doctor, Jack grows up, every time.
Jack Harkness/Tenth Doctor; G

A Strange Thing that Happened: The TARDIS Jack ran into wasn't quite the right one.
Jack Harkness, Eighth Doctor, Fitz Kreiner; PG

Approval: Donna thinks Jack is insane. That doesn't mean she doesn't approve.
Donna Noble, Jack Harkness, Tenth Doctor; PG

Jack knows the Doctor didn't come back for him.
Jack Harkness, Tenth Doctor; G

Every Path Leads Back to Nowhere: Jack in the TARDIS, after.
Jack Harkness; G

Like Sunshine: The Master and the Doctor, then and now.
Simm!Master/Tenth Doctor (Also, Academy!Koschei/Theta); R; Warning: non-con

Ten Thousand Worlds: Koschei has a question. Theta has a very simple answer.
Theta/Koschei, Jacobi!Master/Eighth Doctor; PG

Fairytale: Once upon a time there was a boy from Earth who fell in love with a man from the stars.
Mickey Smith/Eighth Doctor, Mickey Smith/Rose Tyler; PG
For in this Sleep: The Doctor dreams.
The Doctor (and Susan, Jamie, Jo, Sarah-Jane, Adric, Peri, Ace, Fitz, Jack and Romana. Only not.); PG

Andromeda Burns: The Master is unable to let go of the one thing that gives his existence meaning.
Master/Doctor; PG

And Tastes Like Starshine: Twelve 100 word drabbles about various pairings.
Master/Doctor, Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness/Owen Harper, Jack Harkness/Doctor, Romana/Leela, Donna Noble/Sarah Jane Smith, Jenny/Sky Silvestri; PG-15

Running is Olympic: The Doctor's life as a 10000 metre race.
Master/Doctor (also Jamie McCrimmon/Doctor, Fitz Kreiner/Doctor, Rose Tyler/Doctor and Jack Harkness/Doctor); G

The Size of Things: They believed many things during their lives.
Doctor/Master; G

Other End: Many a story has started with the same fatal words.
No characters; G

Five Things About Jack: Ten things the Doctor loves and hates about Jack. Two fics, actually.
Jack Harkness/Ninth & Tenth Doctor; PG

Present Tense: They should never have met.
River Song/Romana III (Romana/Leela mentioned); R

Faithful Companion: Before Jackson Lake meets the Doctor and finds out that he isn't the Doctor after all, he meets Fitz Keiner, who doesn't care so much if he's the real Doctor or not.
Fitz Kreiner/Jackson Lake; PG-13

Unseen, the Sun Still Rises: Just a normal day in the life of the Doctor: A world is ending, people are dying, and he meets a man from his own future.
Ninth Doctor, Jack Harkness; PG-13

Without End: When all is said and done, the Master ends up nowhere at all.
Master/Doctor; G

Welcome Home: There's a new star in they sky and Fitz won't go there.
Fitz Kreiner, G

Fashion Choices
: Rory has a hard time getting what the Doctor is talking about when evidently the Doctor has no clue himself.
Eleventh Doctor, Rory Williams; G

Tourist Trap: Amy and Rory meet an optimistic Guy in a kilt while waiting for the Doctor to save them from cannibals.
Amy/Rory, Jamie/Two; G

Strange Creatures: There is a centaur in the rose garden and it's probably going to kill them.
Eighth Doctor, Fitz; PG

Disaster Tourism: The upside of a TARDIS is that it can go anywhere and any time you want. The down side is that it usually comes with Time Lords.
No point in history is as difficult to navigate as the history between the Doctor and the Master. Alison doesn't try. She just does her best not to turn to dust.

Shalka!Doctor, Shalka!Master, Allison; PG

Silence: The drums used to drive the Master carzy; now it seems like their absence has the same effect. Shortly after leaving Gallifrey for the final time, he travels to Earth searching for something to fill the silence in his head.
Simm!Master, Twelfth Doctor; PG


But Don't:
But Don't Touch, Touch But Don't Taste, Taste But Don't Swallow: The Master has been resurrected during the time war and not everyone likes it. (finished)
Jakobi!Master, Romana, Eighth Doctor; PG

Losing the Lifeline: Communication (5 chapters), Before Sunset (13 chapters), Pendulum (9 Chapters): When the Doctor and the Master reunite to travel together, all goes well for five minutes, and then all goes horribly wrong. And the Master has to find out how far he's willing to go to save his favourite enemy.  (finished)
AU!Master/TenthDoctor, Jack Harkness/Tenth Doctor; NC-17; Warning: non-con, violence, character death

Confined Spaces: Color of Light (6 chapters), The Shade of Somewhere Else (12 chapters): The Doctor, Jack and Martha have a less than wonderful time after they are captured by aliens trying to master time travel.
Tenth Doctor, Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, Torchwood; NC-17; Warning: non-con, graphic violence/torture, character death

The Spoils of War: Little Yellow Rubber Duck, The Empty Air, Something Darker, Catch 22, To Dust and Ashes: A long time afte the war is lost, the Master takes what has been promised to him by the Time Lords in return for his cooperation. (finished)
Simm!Master, Tenth Doctor, Jack Harkness; NC-17; Warning: graphic violence, graphic rape, torture, character death

The Bargain: Ten Hours, The Simple Answer: There are very few things money can't buy. One of them is a conscience, but that isn't something Rickston Slade wants anyway. (finished)
Rickston Slade/Tenth Doctor, Jack Harkness; NC-17; Warnings: Non-Con (or at least extemely shady consent, depending on who you ask)

Anywhere but Here: Elsewhere, Somewhere, Nowhere: Fitz reunites with the Doctor, and despite the fact that they've both changed a lot, they're still very good at getting into trouble. (finished)
Tenth Doctor, Fitz Kreiner, Jack Harkness: PG-13
Other Fandoms: Merlin . Legacy of Kain . Star Trek . Supernatural . Tokyo Babylon/X-1999 . Discworld, Final Fantasy, Firefly, Lost



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